Darknet Illegal Trade Training

Funded by European Union

Project Leica - Darknet Illegal Trade Training

03. 08. 2022

Darknet Illegal Trade Training

Organized by the European Union funded LEICA (Law Enforcement in Central Asia) project, training workshop on combating illicit trade on the dark web began on August 1, 2022 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The five-day offline event aims to further strengthen the capacity of law enforcement agencies to combat terrorist financing in Central Asia.
The event is intended for 12 IT specialists from the State Security Service, the Prosecutor's Office and Customs, who deal with issues of protection and security on the Internet. The seminar presented both the issues of preventing the financing of terrorism and radical extremism.
The LEICA Director delivered an opening speech.
“Terrorists can use the Darkweb for illegal trade, money transfers and illegal purchase of explosives and weapons, using virtual currencies like Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.,” he said. “Terrorists are now using the Dark Net to communicate in safer ways than ever before. There is clearly an urgent need to share interagency information, and  develop new methods and measures for tracking and apprehending terrorists detected in the Darkweb”
The workshop also examined the methods and motives of terrorist networks engaged in illegal trade in the dark part of the Internet. International experts emphasized the global and regional importance of fighting illegal trade on the Darkweb. However, in this way of fighting terrorism, law enforcement officers must respect human rights and human dignity of possible suspects.
In addition, international experts spoke about the latest investigative techniques and the collection of digital evidence and the role of private IT enterprises in providing support to Law Enforcement officers.
International experts stressed the need to raise awareness of these dangers among law enforcement agencies in order to improve the effectiveness of counter-terrorism efforts. Most of the lessons are based on practical exercises to identify suspicious activities and individuals on the dark web.
This course is part of a series of LEICA activities in combating threats eminent from the Internet.