Judicial Treatment of Terrorism and Violent Radicalization

Funded by European Union

Project Leica - Judicial Treatment of Terrorism and Violent Radicalization

30. 09. 2022

Judicial Treatment of Terrorism and Violent Radicalization

Seven prosecutors from Andorra, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Japan, Luxembourg, and Niger, and four prosecutors sponsored by LEICA (from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan) have participated in a five-day seminar organized by the “Ecole National de la Magistrature” (Judicial National School) in Paris. The seminar focused on the investigation and prosecution of terrorists, inter alia, the role of the different law enforcement agencies and units, prosecutors and judges, threat assessment, coordination and cooperation mechanisms at national level, the importance of foreign intelligence and the use of intelligence as evidence, including prison intelligence and judicial monitoring terrorism-related inmates, FTFs prosecution (also in absentia) and gathering evidence from Syria/Irak.  Crime scene management and coordination on big terrorist attacks were also presented and discussed, based in the recent attacks suffered by France. Experienced officers of the French National Police, and prosecutors and judges from the antiterrorist prosecutor office (PNAT) conducted the seminar. The prosecutors of the 10 countries also presented their specific organization and mechanisms, which provided an added value to the knowledge shared by their French colleagues.