LEICA organized a seminar on the crisis management in prisons

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Project Leica - LEICA organized a seminar on the crisis management in prisons

26. 10. 2023

LEICA organized a seminar on the crisis management in prisons

19 senior officers of the Department of Execution of Sentences under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan, participated in a three-day seminar organized by the EU-funded project LEICA in Tashkent. The seminar focused on the management of various serious threats that may happen in prison establishments: escape attempts, disorders/riots, hostages, arson, contagious disease, and even power outages.
Two Czech Republic prison experts shared with their Uzbek colleagues lessons learned and practical details that have to be considered to efficiently be prepared to facing those threats. They used video material with real cases and training scenarios that helped to understand what went well and wrong in the interventions.
The Uzbek officers were very interested and asked many questions to knowing every single practical detail of prison management and training in the Czech Republic. All participants agreed that a thorough planning and preparation is decisive for the prevention and successful resolution of serious crisis in prisons, as it enables for a quick reaction.
Uzbek officials shared with the Czech colleagues a video that shows the efforts made by the institution in providing modern facilities for the inmates, including advanced security and variable control measures. Group exercises on potential crisis scenarios in prisons were discussed later in plenary. This also contributed to an understanding of the importance of planning and preparation for crisis.
This seminar is part of several activities that are being organized by LEICA for prison administrations in Central Asia, in the framework of prevention and detection of radicalization.
The European Union funded project LEICA is managed by the EU Commission, through a consortium made up by French CIVIPOL and Slovak ISEMI, with the support of Interpol.