LEICA Project 3rd Steering Committee Meeting Held in Samarkand

Funded by European Union

Project Leica - LEICA Project 3rd Steering Committee Meeting Held in Samarkand

20. 06. 2023

LEICA Project 3rd Steering Committee Meeting Held in Samarkand

The 3rd Steering Committee Meeting was conducted in a hybrid mode via Zoom Online Platform, 48 officials (27 offline, 21 online) from the five countries of Central Asia, European Union Member States (EUMS), EU institutions and delegations, both Brussels and in the region participated in the Steering Committee meeting of the European Union funded LEICA project (Law Enforcement in Central Asia). The meeting took place in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.
During the first day, the attendees assessed the 30 activities, including training sessions, study visits, workshops and seminars, that LEICA had organized in Central Asia over the past 12 months. Representatives from the ministries of foreign affairs, internal affairs, prosecutors' offices, financial intelligence units and prison services expressed their satisfaction with the excellent quality of expertise provided by the European Union Member States' experts who participated in these activities. These initiatives aim to effectively address the professional development requirements of law enforcement agencies in their efforts to combat terrorism and violent radicalization. The project strives to select the most competent European experts, occasionally supplemented by experts from Central Asia.
On the second day, the attendees were presented with an overview by the LEICA team, outlining a total of 31 proposed activities scheduled to take place between September 2023 and August 2024. Representatives from the five Central Asia countries expressed their approval and offered suggestions for initiatives and priorities regarding LEICA's operations.
Additionally, the meeting served as a platform for discussing LEICA's strategies for the future, extending beyond August 2024. It was emphasized that LEICA should further make efforts to enhance its visibility, sustainability, and overall impact.
The European Union funded project LEICA is managed by the EU Commission, through a consortium made up by French CIVIPOL and Slovak ISEMI, with the support of Interpol.