LEICA Supports Training on Radicalization in Prisons

Funded by European Union

Project Leica - LEICA Supports Training on Radicalization in Prisons

26. 09. 2021

LEICA Supports Training on Radicalization in Prisons

From 6-27 September the project LEICA (Law Enforcement in Central Asia) funded by the European Union, supported a training activity in 16 penitentiary establishments of Chui region, in Kyrgyzstan, in the framework of prevention of radicalization and terrorism recruitment in prisons. The training was provided to 524 employees of the prison service (GSIN), including 150 women, by three trainers of the prison administration and one invited theologian expert from the Religious Affairs Commission.

The training provided information to employees on the terrorist and violent extremist groups that are prohibited in Kyrgyzstan, their ideology, and other features. The objective is that employees identify early signals of radicalization in prisons and prevent terrorism recruitment.

Participants raised concerns on the influence among prison inmates of the Taliban take over in Afghanistan and were discussions about their ideology and threats. Some participants asked questions about differences between terrorism and extremism and the reasons and process to declaring prohibited an organization based on their extremist ideology.

GSIN plans to expand this training, with the support of LEICA, to other regions in Kyrgyzstan.

This is the first activity being implemented in Central Asia by LEICA, whose purpose is to improve the capacities of key government agencies in this region in their fight against terrorism. LEICA stems from the EU Strategy on Central Asia adopted in June 2019, which aims to guide the engagement of the European Union and of its Member States, inter alia, on its security challenges.