Open Source Intelligence Training (OSINT) in Dushanbe

Funded by European Union

Project Leica - Open Source Intelligence Training (OSINT) in Dushanbe

29. 07. 2022

Open Source Intelligence Training (OSINT) in Dushanbe

European Union-funded project LEICA organized in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) a five-day training on Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT) from 25-29 July 2022.  17 Officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the General Prosecutor Office and from the Ministry of Justice participated in the activity. They practiced advanced information search in Google, Yandex and social networks, like Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp and other messengers, and learned to identify fake news, with tools provided by the experts who conducted the training.   Internet provides with many opportunities for committing crime, and participants were familiarized with tools to detect criminal signals at early stages, in order to prevent terrorism and to combat the spreading of violent extremism ideas.  
LEICA Director admited that LEICA Project’s flexibility allows to implement activities at short notice, to respond to the urgent and most modern training needs of Central Asia Law Enforcement Agencies.   
The Project LEICA is implemented by the European Commission through a consortium made of French CIVIPOL and Slovak ISEMI, supported by Interpol.