Regional Activity on Countering Terrorist Financing - Operational Analysis

Funded by European Union

Project Leica - Regional Activity on Countering Terrorist Financing - Operational Analysis

17. 12. 2021

Regional Activity on Countering Terrorist Financing - Operational Analysis

Within the framework of the approved action plan, the EU-funded LIECA Project (Strengthening the rule of law in Central Asia), from 13 to 17 December in Dushanbe, conducted training on analysis for countering the financing of terrorism for representatives of the law enforcement community of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The event was a continuation of the training on strategic analysis of CFT conducted by the LEICA Project in October this year in Gulistan, Republic of Tajikistan.

Three EU Member States’ experts invited by LEICA shared their knowledge, skills, and best practices in the field of operational analysis for the prevention of money laundering, including for the detection of terrorist financing. 18 employees of the financial investigation departments of the General Prosecutor's offices, the Ministries of Internal Affairs and state security structures represented Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. 

The current event was dedicated to the learning of new techniques to detect illegal money laundering that can facilitate the financing of terrorism and seriously threaten security and stability in Central Asia. The participants were provided with detailed information on the methods, techniques and tricks used by terrorist and criminal groups to raise funds for personal upkeep, recruitment and propaganda of violent radical ideas, as well as to purchase tools and equipment for terrorist attacks.

EU experts described in detail the current investigation and prosecution procedures in the EU countries, based on national and international law. Case studies have been shown that have fostered increased collaboration with financial institutions and other businesses to ensure that operational analysis helps close any loopholes for a possible transfer of money to terrorists. All reports were built on concrete examples of good practice from real investigations.

The uniqueness of the training was that constructive dialogue and exchange of views were built between the participants in identifying the existing and potential risks and threats of terrorist financing. The participants also discussed in detail the specifics of the inter-structural interaction, as well as interregional and international cooperation, both at the level of the CA and EU countries.
The training is part of LEICA's multi-year work plan to assist law enforcement agencies in the fight against terrorism in Central Asia.
The LEICA project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the French CIVIPOL and the Slovak consortium ISEMI, and Interpol is the official supporting partner of the project.