Regional Seminar on High-Risk Trials

Funded by European Union

Project Leica - Regional Seminar on High-Risk Trials

18. 04. 2024

Regional Seminar on High-Risk Trials

Today’s terrorism demands urgent adaptation of the judicial procedures to get an efficient, transparent, secure, and quick response to protect the society from terrorist attacks. 19 Judges of the Supreme Courts, Prosecutors, and other law enforcement officers of the five countries of Central Asia participated in a three- day regional seminar on High-Risk Trials organized by the project LEICA, funded by the European Union. The activity took place in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and it was organized in cooperation with the French ENM (Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature).
Participants exchanged their knowledge and practices with judiciary experts from France and Spain, EU countries that have suffered from many serious terrorist attacks resulting in dozens of victims. The visitors explained how they faced the challenges by, inter alia, creating specialized courts and prosecutor offices dedicated to investigate and to prosecute terrorism cases only. They also shared information on the preparation and organization of concrete judicial oral proceedings, where the security and the smooth development of the act were at stake. Participants discussed about the respect for the rights of all parties involved in a judicial process, and especially those victims of terrorism, and their families, to avoid being left behind.
Officials from Central Asia actively participated and discussed in groups the organization of the judicial procedures and the oral audience on a fiction terrorist case. The exercise was prepared ad conducted by the expert visitors who made the discussions more real and interesting introducing some sudden “incidents” that needed judicial decisions.
The Ambassador of the EU in Uzbekistan Charlotte Adriaen in her opening remarks stressed that “the seminar underscores EU’s commitment to supporting security and the rule of law in Central Asian region and beyond”.
The Project LEICA (Law Enforcement in Central Asia) is managed by the European Commission, through a consortium made up of French CIVIPOL, and Slovak ISEMI. The project is supported by INTERPOL.