The Second Steering Committee of the LEICA Project

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Project Leica - The Second Steering Committee of the LEICA Project

30. 06. 2022

The Second Steering Committee of the LEICA Project

Some 35 officials from the five Central Asia countries, EU Member States (EUMS) and EU structures in Brussels and in the region took part in the Steering Committee meeting of the EU-funded project LEICA (Law Enforcement in Central Asia), organized in Almaty (Kazakhstan) on 28-29 June 2022. 

The participants reviewed the 26 activities (training, workshops, and seminars) at national and regional level that LEICA organized in the last 10 months in Central Asia. Representatives from the ministries of foreign affairs, ministries of internal affairs, prosecutors’ office and security services showed their satisfaction with the high quality provided the EUMS’s experts who participated in the activities. The activities are organised to respond in a concrete way to the training needs of law enforcement agencies in the fight against terrorism and violent radicalism. The project strives to select the best European experts, sometimes reinforced by Central Asian experts.. 

LEICA’s team presented the tentative 12-month plan of next activities, all of them focused on counterterrorism and violent extremism, the core of the Project. Answering the interest showed by Central Asian’s counterparts, the plan includes a wide spectrum of activities, mainly on detection of radicalization, investigation, and prosecution techniques, with an emphasis on the use of Internet and digital techniques to countering terrorism and violent extremism.  LEICA’s team highlighted the flexibility as one of the Project’s strengths, that allows the Project to organize activities at short notice, to cope with unforeseen circumstances and new challenges.