Training on Behavioral Profiling Techniques

Funded by European Union

Project Leica - Training on Behavioral Profiling Techniques

01. 07. 2022

Training on Behavioral Profiling Techniques

On July 1, 2022, the project of Law Enforcements in Central Asia (LEICA), funded by the European Union, in close co-operation with BOMCA and UNODC, completed a third national five-day training of trainers on identification and profiling techniques for 17 participants from Border service, Ministry of Interior and Revenue committee of Kazakhstan. The main purpose of the training was focused on the strengthening capacities of law enforcement agencies to detect and intercept Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTF), potential terrorists and dangerous extremists, and to respond to other crimes such as illicit trafficking in weapons and drugs, transnational crimes, and illegal migration. The nature of the event with participation of various law enforcement agencies helped to enforce the interagency cooperation in the country as well. 
At the opening ceremony LEICA Director welcomed participants and expressed the hope that the knowledge received at the training would help to detect potential terrorists and violent radicals before committing of terror attacks against societies. This should facilitate more coordinated work of state authorities on combating transnational threats. He also emphasized the important role and contribution of joint initiative of LEICA, BOMCA and UNODC in this endeavor. 
The EUMS experts from Slovakia, Belgium, Latvia and consultant of the UNODC shared their experiences with participants in order to assist them in the identification of terrorists and detection and prevention of their preparatory activities.
There is a series of training courses in Central Asia on identifying suspicious behavior and profiling. This learning cycle will end with the compiling of a practical handbook with theoretic background, step-by-step guidance, and number of practical tools on identification of terrorists, violent radicals, and prevention of their illicit activities.