Training on CBRN-E Related Crime Scene Investigation

Funded by European Union

Project Leica - Training on CBRN-E Related Crime Scene Investigation

01. 04. 2022

Training on CBRN-E Related Crime Scene Investigation

The EU-funded project Law Enforcements In Central Asia (LEICA) in coordination with the EU Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Risk Mitigation Centers of Excellence Initiative conducted training on CBRN-E (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear – Explosives) Related Crime Scene Investigation in Koy-Tash, Kyrgyzstan. 
The participants from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Committee of National Security (GKNB), the General Prosecutors’ Office, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ecology and Technological Monitoring and the Ministry of Health participated in theoretical and practical exercises of this five-day training.
The aim of the training is to deliver the best EU experience on the procedures of CBRN-E related incidents response and investigation, cooperation amongst different agencies entrusted to react on CBRN threats, specificities of crime scene investigation and evidence collection when operating in CBRN contaminated environment. Safety and security measures to be undertaken, as well as proper use of different levels of personal protective equipment (PPE).
EU experts from the Czech Republic and Slovakia delivered theoretical sessions and practical exercises simulating various possible CBRN related crime scenarios, the trainees practiced using special techniques for crime scene investigation, plan preparation, role dissemination and cooperation amongst different agencies in a closest possible way to real conditions.
The project LEICA is funded by the European Union, implemented by the French CIVIPOL and Slovak ISEMI Consortium, INTERPOL is the official supporting partner of the project.