Training on Negotiation Techniques to Release Hostages

Funded by European Union

Project Leica - Training on Negotiation Techniques to Release Hostages

27. 05. 2022

Training on Negotiation Techniques to Release Hostages

22 officials of the Committee of National Security, the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, and two specialists from the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan took part in a training on Hostage Negotiations organized by the EU-funded Project LEICA (Law Enforcement in Central Asia) in Nur-Sultan from 23-27 May 2022. 
Police officers from special units from France and Poland exchanged their experiences with their Kazakh colleagues, learning from each other. The training included several scenarios when the life of a person is in danger and the situation could be solved without any use of force or harm using negotiation techniques that were presented and discussed during the training. Among these situations: violent demonstrations, riots in prisons, terrorist or other criminal taking of hostages, and suicide attempts. The participants played the role of negotiators and perpetrators in those different scenarios learning by doing, followed by a critical assessment of their performance discussed in groups.
These discussions permitted an interaction between law enforcement officers of the European Union Member States and its counterparts in Kazakhstan, facilitating mutual understanding and knowledge, and promoting further operational cooperation against crime.
EU Delegation in Nur-Sultan representative expressed his satisfaction with this exchange of experiences and said that, “the LEICA project, which started its implementation phase from September 2021, aim to strengthen security in the region by organising seminars, operational courses and working visits and enhance cooperation between Central Asian countries and EU Member States. It also aims to promote European values, including in the security field, and the training this week in Nur-Sultan is also significant in this respect. Indeed, negotiations in hostage situations can prevent  unnecessary use of force and save the lives of the hostages. The LEICA project provide training that meets the needs of the anti-terror security forces, while respecting human rights and complying with the law. We firmly believe that this project will make a positive difference in the way law enforcement agencies work in Central Asia.”
The Project LEICA is funded by the European Union, and it is led by the consortium made of French CIVIPOL and Slovak ISEMI, supported by Interpol.