Training on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Funded by European Union

Project Leica - Training on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

18. 02. 2022

Training on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

EU-funded project LEICA organized a five-day training on Open Sources Intelligence (OSINT) from 14-18 February 2022.  20 Officials from the State Committee on National Security, the Ministry of the Interior, the State Customs Service, and the General Prosecutor Office participated in the activity. The participants practiced advanced information search in Google, Yandex and social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other messengers, with tools provided by the experts who conducted the training.   The participants were familiarized with European member States experts’ practices, tools and procedures that allow to detect and to identify in Internet signals of crime, including terrorism and violent extremism activity. The participants agreed this training is very practical and actual, as they said, the internet provides many opportunities for committing crime, and they learned this week some tools to detect and to prevent it.
LEICA project director, in his closing remark said that the specificity our project, focused on the fight against terrorism and violent extremism, its ability to organize technical training for specialists. These trainings contribute to enhance the capacity of Central Asia Law Enforcement Agencies to fight crime on the net. 
Four experts (3 from the EU MS -Poland and Lithuania-, and 1 from Kazakhstan) provided the training.
The LEICA project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the French CIVIPOL and the Slovak consortium ISEMI, and Interpol is the official supporting partner of the project.