Workshop on Trafficking of Firearms

Funded by European Union

Project Leica - Workshop on Trafficking of Firearms

14. 09. 2023

Workshop on Trafficking of Firearms

During two weeks, from 5.09.2023 to 13.09.2023, the European Union funded LEICA (Law Enforcement in Central Asia) project provided expert support to BOMCA in conducting seminars in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan for investigators on cross-border crimes such as trafficking in firearms, parts, explosives, ammunition, currency, and other goods. A total of 23 law enforcement officers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, state security agencies, the Prosecutor General's Office, border guards and customs services participated in the seminars. Two experts from EU countries and one expert from a private IT investigation company introduced the participants to the EU approach and new methods of investigating organized cross-border crimes, shared experiences of real criminal cases at the border and inland related to the interception of firearms and other relevant goods and provided information on illegal trade in dangerous equipment in open and closed Internet space and ways to track down such criminals.
This was the first part of the global activities for Central Asian countries. The next series of sessions will be organized in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in November this year.
All information obtained during the workshops will be reflected in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for investigating illicit trafficking in firearms, explosives, ammunition, currency, and other goods.